Here’s some of my writing.

“A Detective and a Gentleman”, a spec script of the 1980s series Moonlighting that I wrote in Chris Klug’s storytelling class at Carnegie Mellon University.

My article published in the peer-reviewed journal Well Played is available on their site. It’s the first article of the issue, “Time, Tech and Tales”.

The script for Nature Quest, an augmented reality game narrated by an avatar version of A.B. Brooks, real-life founder of the Schrader Center at the Oglebay institute in West Virginia.

My complete report of my tabletop RPG for Jesse Schell’s Game Design class, Simon and Samuel. The assignment was to design a story-based role-playing game that could be played in under three hours.

For my project Beyond the Stage, me and my team mate Dana Shaw decided to make four trailers, two each, as seed content for our site. All we had were a list of imaginary titles and approximate dates. The stories were all ours. The two I wrote were:

  • Swan Song, an imaginary melodrama from the early 60s in the style of Douglas Sirk and
  • Dream’s End, a film noir from the early 40s .

Both were made in the style of the times. That’s why they look corny and over-the-top for a current audience.

I also wrote and edited the promo videos for my projects Beyond the Stage and Heidegger.

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