Monthly Archives: October 2011

Maru Maru

(Edited October 22, 2011.)

Our Round 3 BVW world, Maru Maru. It should have been amazing: a Kinect-powered ballpit simulator for all ages. Unfortunately, Unity’s physics engine bailed on us and refused to give gravity, but it only started doing so on the last few hours of testing. I think the number of objects being rendered set off a built-in trigger to save hardware ressources by cutting some physics effects, even though the ETC computers were very far from being overloaded according to the task manager. Too bad. In short: the balls should not have been sticking to the top of the screen but falling all the time.

The screen capture software, FRAPS, made the whole thing even worse due to its own demand in ressources, I guess. The game ran fine on my computer for some reason. I don’t know why. We still got a very good grade, which gets in my way of calling the Universe unfair. I’ll still do it, but with much less credibility.

Good news! The bug was fixed in the early hours of the morning yesterday, Friday, October 21, 2011. The following video is the new, working version. A special thanks to Chenyang Xia of Project Augur for helping fix the aforementioned pesky bug!

Out of Molehills

This was over a month ago, but as Visual Story assignments are coming on faster and faster, I thought it might make sense to (finally) show our team promo. We’re Out of Molehills and just watch us: we’re out to build mountains!

(Edit: as mentionned in the comments, the music for this clip is original. It’s by Siva Loganathan.)